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Yes! Our podcast producer has over a decade of experience making excellent, interesting podcasts and she is here to help you shine! Once you’ve been selected to be a guest on our show, the producer will have a conversation with you about potential topics for the show. You’ll get coached on how to best present the knowledge you’re sharing.

If you’re still nervous about speaking on a podcast, know that the conversation will be edited in post-production and that your final approval is required before we publish the podcast.

You can listen to a sample podcast here.  Jeff Bremer, the Area GM of Assets for Cornejo & Sons share some of his secrets to success!

We are usually able to produce a podcast with only two hours of time from the guest. The two hour-long conversations can be held on different days. The first hour will be a call with our podcast producer where you’ll parse out topics for the podcast and go over other preparation details.  The second hour will be the podcast recording.

Our goal is to make you look good!  Once we’ve selected you to be a guest on our podcast, we’ll ask you to join a one-hour long preparation call.  On that preparation call you’ll speak with our podcast producer about topics for the podcast and other details you’ll need to know.  Once you’re prepared for the podcast, we’ll set up an hour-long recording session where you’ll have a conversation with our podcast host.

Once the podcast has been recorded, it will move into the post-production phase where we edit out any mistakes, word fumbles, etc.

There are two different ways we can record the podcast. The first and preferred method is on your computer over the internet. Generally, the audio quality and signal connection are best using this method to record. We will send you an invitation via GoToMeeting, this invitation will have all the information on it that you need to join the recording.

The second way for you to join the podcast is via telephone. The GoToMeeting invitation that we send you will have a call-in number on it, just in case this is the way we decide to record.

You will need to use a microphone. This guarantees the best audio quality for the recording.

Using the headset/earbuds that come with your cellphone is acceptable. The main thing to watch out for, if you are using your earbuds, is that your microphone is not rubbing against your clothing or jewelry. Keeping the mic clear helps prevent any scratching sounds or muffling of your voice.

Excellent question!

The best place to record is in the quietest space available. We all know how distracting it can be when you are trying to talk to someone on the phone and there are sirens going off in the background!

Also, please make sure that any notification sounds are on silent.

Don’t worry about it.

The best thing to do if this happens is to take a moment and start back up again. Our producer has more than 10 years of experience editing audio and will scrub the podcast before it gets published. The producer will make sure that the recording is broadcast ready before anyone hears it!

Yes. An email with an MP3 of the recording will be sent to you along with a link to share on your social media!

Winging it, like most things in life, is rarely a good idea. We came up with a tool to help you prepare for the show. Check it out

After you fill out the form, our producer will get in touch with you to help you iron out all the fine details.

Still have questions after reading through the FAQ? We are here to help! Email and our producer will be in touch with you quickly.

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